Company Profile

Company Name HOYU CO.,LTD
Established July 8, 1959
Capital J.Yen 84 million
President Akira Sugiyama
Office Head office, Tokyo office, Osaka office

Brief History

July, 1959 Established HOYU as Chunichi Kozai Co.,Ltd for sales of Cast steel. Capital is 8 million J.Yen
July, 1971 Capital is increased to 32 million J.Yen
July, 1987 Renamed as HOYU CO.,LTD
Dec, 2000 Capital is increased to 84 million J.Yen
Feb, 2013 Company’s Head office is relocated to a its present location.
Feb, 2014 Acquired ISO14001 certification in Head office

Howa Group

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Hoen Co.,Ltd
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